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The New Normal: Could it be Better than Before? 

How much has really changed as a result of Covid? 


Are we facing subtly different versions of our former lives or a radical alteration of our expectations and ‘world views’?  Will Covid be a catalyst for radical, transformational change for good or ill, or a transient episode wiped away the moment a vaccine is ready?  The questions are almost endless; the uncertainty both debilitating because of the risks and exhilarating because of the opportunities.


We have been developing a framework for how recovery might occur and how organisations can choose to respond. This site is a resource to support scenario planning and covers:



We are not out of the crisis yet and we may be living with both the virus and the effects of lockdown  for some time to come.  In this context, we need to be careful that, in the search for ways to return to normal, we do not miss opportunities to create a new normal which is an improvement on the past.  We have an unprecedented global challenge but we also have an unprecedented global opportunity.


We are all in this together: Let us know how we can help you.


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